Audiological (Hearing) Screenings

An estimated 28 million Americans have a hearing loss that can be treated. You could be one of them. (ASHA, 1997).

You may have a hearing loss if you:

  • frequently ask people to repeat themselves
  • often turn your ear toward a sound to hear it better
  • understand people better when you wear your glasses or look directly at their faces
  • lose your place in group conversations
  • keep the volume on your radio or TV at a level that others say is too loud
  • have pain or ringing in your ears

Individuals who may identify with any of these statements may contact us for an audiological (hearing) screening or be referred to a licensed Audiologist.

An audiological (hearing) screening involves determining the child's or adult's gross level of hearing sound sensitivity at different frequencies. The frequencies usually tested are those that are necessary for understanding spoken language. This screening may be performed by a Speech-Language Pathologist in a quiet environment using a portable audiometer. It is a quick assessment, usually taking approximately 5 minutes, depending on the individual. If a person fails the hearing screening, a complete audiological examination is then recommended by the SLP. A complete audiological assessment can only be completed by a licensed Audiologist.

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